When you have a tough headache or migraine pain, it can be challenging to even get through the day. To take control of your pain, an OTC pain reliever may be effective if you choose one that is appropriate for you based on your health conditions, age, and other medicines you may be currently taking. If you have any questions or are ever uncertain as to which pain reliever you should take, speak with a healthcare professional. Once you decide on a pain reliever, remember to read the label and never take more than directed or for longer than directed. There are also things you can do instead of or in addition to medicine that can help you take control of your headache or migraine pain.

Use Pain Relievers Responsibly

Use pain relievers responsibly

Take ONLY 1 medicine with the same kind of medicinal ingredient (acetaminophen or NSAIDs) at a time.

Find ways to effectively manage your headache and migraine pain so you can regain control of your day.

Headache and Migraine Pain callout-headache

Headache pain relief

Tips to manage the throbbing and tightness of a headache.

Headache and Migraine Pain callout-migraine

Migraine pain relief

Tips to manage the pulsating sensations and irritability associated with a migraine.

Get your pain reliever dose right. Why?

If you take more medicine than the label says, you may increase your chance of serious side effects. To use OTC pain relievers responsibly:

  • Take the dose directed on the label

  • Wait the right amount of time between doses

  • NEVER take more than the daily limit

  • If your pain lasts for more than 5 days, stop taking the medicine and see a healthcare professional. It's possible that the problem may need more attention or a different treatment approach may be needed.