Triggers ranging from food sensitivities, hormones, lack of physical activity, lack of sleep or anxiety could be causing your headaches. Here are some pain management tips to help you gain control of your headache pain.

Pain management tips for headaches

Try these simple tips that may help to treat or even prevent a headache:


Woman in the bath

Take a hot bath or shower

A hot bath or shower can help relax your aching muscles and calm your anxiety.


Shoes running in the park

Head out for a brisk walk

A breath of fresh air can help you relax mentally and physically.


Man breathing deeply

Practice relaxation techniques

Something as simple as breathing exercises can work wonders.


Woman sleeping peacefully

Get adequate amounts of sleep and rest

Practice taking breaks at work and give your body enough time to rest at night.


Woman holding up spoonful of cereal

Identify and prevent your headache triggers

Loud noise? Certain foods? Fatigue? Understand what triggers affect you and proactively avoid them.