Pain management tips for irritating migraines

A migraine has the power to stop you in your tracks. It is important to find a pain relief and prevention remedy that works uniquely and effectively for you. Here are tips that may help you control and prevent a migraine:


Woman holding chocolate

Avoid known triggers

Understand what exactly triggers your migraines and proactively avoid those causes.


Woman sleeping in the dark

Lie down in a dark room

Bright lights and high volumes of noise are common triggers of migraines.


Woman smiling with a drink

Practice a healthy diet and hydration

Eating well-balanced meals and getting enough fluids can help you keep migraines away.


Woman massaging her temples

Massage the headache away

Apply steady pressure to your temples to ease the pain and distract you from your migraine.


Woman relaxing on a couch

Manage your stress

Practice relaxation techniques and proactively plan for much-needed down time.