Understand your medicine labels

OTC pain relievers have differences that could matter to your health—such as their ingredients, warnings, and directions. Know where to find this important information by using this guide to your labels.

Medicine Label Breakdown

Information in the Drug Facts table helps you understand how to choose and use your medicines responsibly.

Keep your cartons. Why?

  • The Drug Facts table on OTC medicine cartons, or the pull-out label on some bottles, contains more complete warnings and product information. Further information may be present in the accompanying package insert (where applicable). Note that not all products are required by Canadian Regulation to have a package insert.

Read and follow the entire Drug Facts table. Why?

  • The Drug Facts table contains more than directions. It includes other important information that could matter to your health

What else you can do

  • If provided, use only the dosing device that comes with your medicine

  • Take ONLY 1 medicine that contains the same kind of medicinal ingredient at a time. Why?

    - If you take more than 1 medicine with the same kind of medicinal ingredient, it can increase your chance of experiencing harmful side effects

Adult Dosing Directions

Do you know how much to take?

Directions for adult OTC pain relievers.

Pediatric Pain Reliever Dosing Charts

Pediatric fever and pain reducer dosing charts

Directions by weight and age for acetaminophen and ibuprofen.