Pain Care

An OTC pain medication that was appropriate for you in the past may not be appropriate for you now. Things like your age and health conditions may increase the potential risks associated with the use of certain OTC pain relievers; so can other medicines you’re currently taking. See if your pain reliever is still a fit for you.

Choosing A Pain Reliever for You

Is your pain reliever still an appropriate choice for you?

Your age, health conditions, and other medicines you are taking may affect your choice.

Pain Relievers & Your Health

Do you know the differences?

OTC pain medicine differences can matter to your health.

OTC Pain Relievers for You

OTC pain reliever differences could matter to your health

How you choose OTC pain medications and how you use them are important.

Allergy Care

Everyone suffers from their allergies differently. Understanding which product is right for you might vary based on your symptoms and other factors such as your age or other conditions you may have. Read on to learn more about which OTC Allergy medication is appropriate for you.

A lady who is confused between cold and allergy symptoms

A Cold vs. Allergies

How to spot the differences

Understanding the difference between types of allergy relievers

Allergy Reliever Differences

Make sure you choose what’s right for you

A lady suffering from watery eyes and an itchy nose due to allergies

Understanding your allergy symptoms

Common allergens and the symptoms they can cause

A lady learning about the types of allergy medicines available

What allergy medicines are available

Understanding the differences and the benefits of each