Learn the Difference: Cold vs. Allergies


Femme qui confond les symptômes du rhume et ceux des allergies

Sometimes a cold can be mistaken for allergies and other times allergies can be mistaken for a cold. Since many of the symptoms are similar, such as a stuffy or runny nose, and sneezing, it’s important to determine if you have an allergy before taking medication to treat it.

One quick way to assess if you have an allergy instead of a cold is by the amount of time you are experiencing symptoms. Generally, colds last up to 2 weeks while allergy symptoms can last a few weeks to months if left unmanaged. Allergies are less likely to cause a fever or feelings of aches and pains. How your eyes feel is another good indicator. If you have itchy and watery eyes, this may be an allergic response.

Use the symptom table below to help you determine if you have a cold or allergies:


A chart showing the different symptoms between allergies and cold
A lady suffering from watery eyes and an itchy nose due to allergies

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